Firstly, congratulation to 97's liner who got 8A's in PMR. Enjoy your successful guys before reaching 2013. Alhamdulillah my result wasn't bad too much. At least I've tried my best and this is what i've done. I am sorry dear parents if my result would effect to you. I'm might stupid and insha'allah will struggle so hard for SPM.

"Don't spend your precious time just for blaming yourself what you've done at past. Move on & remember all of people around you are there to mending your mistakes"

Who's there?????????? Adi Putra right?? Adore him? Me too. He's nice guy, talkactive, have charming smile and most probably I've met him!! My aunt is his foster mother so that's why I met him hehe. That was enough cause I don't know what to stories blergh