thank you.

Assalammualaikum pembuka bicara. hehe.

On the right 12am, 19th July, I've reached 15 years old finally!!! I've waited for a long time & I'm thought I couldn't to celebrate my birthday. What happened on school first? Guess what? Hehe my classmates & crazziest buddies who scramble and rushing like an idiot just to wishing my birthday. Awh I'm so speechless hehehe so sweet. I was saw my prettiest smile, yeah.

Oh thanks to you, yes you who've would to make a cupcake for me & you just upload that picture on the twitter. we're too far, hope you won't reading this. I'm so bless to Allah for your own existance. I'm really appreciate.

So present? Oh I don't get one. But I have get lot of wishes. pray for my successful etc is more than enough. Hahaha I mean what I said.

I'm still care, but I won't to show my caring, my concern. When we were going together, I seem that there wasn't somewhere for us. Alive outside, dying inside. I'm tired of crying, so tiring. It might to less my focus on PMR. Its okay, I would try to be strong as well. Don't ask me.

Dear you, thanks for your concern. I'm feel so special, like seriously I'm not lies. You always remind me of solat etc. Can I call you as "someone special"? Of course I can't. Hm.....

This is my lastest entry for rn. I have to go, study for trial & helps my parents. See ya later blog, twitter & facebook. Take care, sweetheart.