Gloomy night.

I'm sorry. I've madly in love you on first sight. We've know by twitter & end up with lovely feeling. I can't deny. Its already 11.11pm, tomorrow is wednesday. I have to attend to school since today I was skipping my school because of laziness. Pardon me.

Oh I'm sorry, I've deleted my old entry. I have new life by the way. But I won't forget him, til my last breathe. Back to last topic about school etc. Oh, this year I'm gonna sat PMR (Peperiksaan Menyeksa Remaja) lol. I don't know that I've ready or not. Sound like I won't ready, but I have to. This result is determine what class I'll going when I'm form 4 for next year.

For your information, I do continue back to blogging because I'm so missed to update my blog. Seriously, even I know nobody goes to read. Huh, I don't care la. This is my blog, my third diary.

The wonderful night, spend my time with editing my blogs & create new post. By the way, my birthday is around. One day, 58 mins to go. Chin up, I don't feel to celebrate my birthday. Maybe, this year's birthday are like past. Ahahahahahahaha funny. So, I'm going to ended up my entry for today. Let's hoping that I can clearly breathe for tomorrow. Farewell.